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My name is Ardyn Joy Antonio Hermosura. I am nineteen years old. I am an extravert person. I love to go out and hang out with my friends. During my elementary and high school years, I was usually at home while my friends were out because my parents would not let me go. I was told that I was too young to go to places on my own. For this reason, after high school, when I turned eighteen, travelling and discovering new places interested me a lot. For example, when my city opens a new restaurant, I am always curious in visting the place because every location has a different environment. By experience, most places have a theme, such as asian, meditaranian, and southern american themes. I love discovering new cultures, and trying something new. By getting out of my comfort zone, I end up learning about my likes and dislikes. I get to know my identity as a person. In addition, it helps me become more open-minded about my surroundings.

This blog will contain content about my interests in fashion, in beauty, and in food. In addition, I will also show my lifestyle, and all the social media platforms I use. I will display all of my favorites in each category. Hopefully, my blog gives you an inspiration for your aesthetic.

♡ fashion ♡

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In this category, in summary, I will share all of my favorite stores that I shop at whether they are online or in store. I will also mention my favorite brands, even if I do not own some. I will also post some of my outfits, and tell you where I got each clothing piece. I will also share my depop account, where I sell clothes that I hardly wear nowadays. I will also show my pinterest account where I find my outfit inspirations.

♡ beauty ♡

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In this section, I will mainly post about my favorite makeup brands. Within the brands, I will discuss about my favorite products. For my skin, I will describe which drugstore makeup products that I use and works on me.

♡ food ♡

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In this part, I will share all of the restaurants and coffee shops that I've gone to. I will also evaluate on each of them based on food, experience, environment and customer serve. In addtion, I will mention which are my favorite places.

♡ social media ♡

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In this page, I will show you guys all of my social media platforms, such as my Facebook, my Instagram, my Snapchat and my Spotify. I will also list my favorite songs with you.

♡ labs ♡

In this category, I will display all of the labs that I have done in this course during this whole semester.


In this part, I will display all of the websites that I have used to make these webpages.