s o c i a l - m e d i a

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social life



For my social life on Facebook, I don't do much on this because it is not my favorite social platform. I mostly go onto facebook to use their messenger system as it is the main method of communication I have with most of my friends and coworkers. I also use facebook to find out when my friends and coworkers birthday are so that I can either buy them gifts before hand or at least prepare a personalized happy birthday to them.

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This is the platform I use the most. I like to scroll through multiple fashion trends, makeup artists, places to eat, etc. I find myself using this social media platform for at least two hours per day. Instagram is a platform that catches my interest because it has everything I need. If I need to find something I can easily search it on instagram. It is like another search engine but it offers pictures of what it is and as a person that perceives things more visually pictures help me decide and understand better. I also post about my life on it so if you'd like to know me more do check it out.

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Snapchat is a social media where you take pictures and send them to friends for a set amount of time that you want it to be seen for. I use this but not as much as instagram since instagram also implemented a story option and different filters so snapchat has been less useful to me except for sending photos about my daily life to the people that are close to me while on instagram it is mostly for the world to see how I have the best time of my life.

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I listen to throwback songs and RnB. My favorite artists are Ariana Grande, LLoyd and Bryson Tiller. I listen to music while I study, when I am bored and when I have a party. I have been told that my taste in music is pretty good. Also, my favorite song at the moment is "thank u,next" by Ariana Grande.

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